After The Garage

Learn more about some of our most recent alumni below.

The Garage is just one of the first steps on an exciting journey for Northwestern students interested in entrepreneurship. The Garage student community goes on to do all kinds of things after graduation, from continuing to work on their ventures full time as founders and CEOs, to landing corporate jobs at the world’s top tech companies like Google, Spotify, and Apple. No matter where students end up, they are always part of our core community, and we love sharing their stories.

Aspen Buckingham
Weinberg & Bienen '23

Co-Founder & CEO at
Overture Games

Charlotte Oxnam
McCormick '23

Founder & CEO at
Cue the Curves

Robbie Waxman
Weinberg '23

Investor at Lead Edge Capital

Fardeem Munir
McCormick '23

Software Engineer at Ramp

Stanley Jia
Weinberg '23

Product Manager at YouLand

Yasmeena Faycurry
Weinberg '22

Associate at 645 Ventures

Raman Malik
Kellogg '22

Co-Founder & CEO at Rhetoric

Eden Hirschfield
Medill '22

Scaling Startups @ Google

Lilliana Robinson
McCormick '21

Investment Manager at Techstars

Mateo Price
Weinberg '21

Strategy at MrBeast

Sophie Davis
Medill '21

Investor in Residence at Techstars

Rachel Cantor
SoC ’20

Product Marketing at Origin

Matt Zients
SESP ’20

Market Planning Analyst at

Audrey Valbuena
Medill ’19

News and UX Designer at
The Washington Post

Charbel Bourjas
Weinberg ’19

Product Manager at Doordash

Lucas Philips
SESP ’19

President & CEO at Newark Auto

Kristen Sanders
SESP ’19

Founder at Co-Created Goods

Denise Reynish
Pritzker ’19

Co-Founder & CEO at CurtoTech

John Franklin
McCormick ’18

Product Manager at Google

Sam Letscher
McCormick ’18

Design Research & Strategy at Further Faster Ventures