Our Programs

The Garage operates a variety of impactful programs focused on startup incubation, student development, and funding opportunities.

Discover which of our programs is right for you

All programs at The Garage are designed to allow students to explore entrepreneurship and gain a community. Programs at The Garage are open to all full-time, degree-seeking Northwestern students (undergraduate, graduate, or PhD) from any school, with the exception of the Little Joe Ventures Fellowship. Check out our programs & apply below!

Start Your Journey

Tinker Program 

Looking to get involved at The Garage? Start here! The Tinker program is an entry-level, self-paced program with no commitment for students who want to explore entrepreneurship.

Startup Matchmaking

A quarterly event where teams incubating at The Garage recruit new team members. Looking to join an existing student startup? This is your chance!

Residency Program

The Garage's core program for startups beyond the idea stage, featuring mentorship, weekly family dinners, and 24/7 access.

Jumpstart Program

Jumpstart is a 10-week summer accelerator program for the most commited student teams - providing mentorship, $10,000, and 10-weeks of programming to accelerate your startup.

Summer Startup Internship Program

This pilot program provides students with the rare experience of working at early-stage startups in the real world - founded by alumni of The Garage.

VentureCat Student Startup Competition

VentureCat is a university-wide competition and program at Northwestern, where a prize pool of $175,000 is awarded to the university's most promising student-founded startups

Additional Pathways

Propel Program

Propel is a quarterly program for women students with an entrepreneurial project.

Luminate Program

Luminate is an entry level program for first-generation or low-income (FGLI) students with a startup idea.

X-Factor Program

X-Factor is a leadership development program that helps student founders develop heightened self-awareness so they can become better leaders.

Opportunity Fund

The Opportunity Fund provides up to $1,000 in funding for SES-eligible current Residents or Tinkerers with a startup idea.

Little Joe Ventures Fellowship

This highly competitive program offers financial awards, mentors, and transformational experiences for Sophomore students studying at the university.