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Bring your ideas to life at The Garage!

Office Hours

Learn more about The Garage or get help with an entrepreneurial venture by talking with current students, alumni, founders in residence, mentors, subject matter experts, or The Garage staff!

Family Dinner

A weekly event for Residents to gather, share their successes, celebrate their failures, and hear from a startup superstar.


There are many sources of funding available to Northwestern students working on entrepreneurial projects, from fellowships to classes to competitions.

AR/VR Media Lab

The Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Media Lab contains some of the most cutting-edge head-mounted displays available today.

Prototyping Lab

The Prototyping Lab is equipped with Formlabs Form 3 3D printers, Makerbot Replicators, woodworking equipment, an electronics workbench, Carvey CNC Mills, and much more.

Student Business Formation Website

Resources & templates regarding working with co-founders, Intellectual Property, creating a business entity, business banking, and more.

How I Got Here Podcast

How I Got Here traces the journeys of young professionals with interesting jobs at exciting companies like Apple, Instagram, Goldman Sachs, or their own startups. We’ll follow their paths from college to career, including the lessons they learned along the way, advice they have for others looking to follow in their footsteps, and how entrepreneurship helped them land their dream job.