Student Stories

Learn more about the students who incubated their startups at The Garage - and what they're up to now!
A Student Story: Nicole Cuervo of Springrose

Nicole Cuervo is the founder and CEO of Springrose, an adaptive intimate apparel brand that improves quality of life for women who have limited mobility because of injury, illness, or disability. During her time at The Garage, Nicole was a member of the Tinker, Residency, and Propel programs - and won third place and $32,000 at VentureCat 2021.

Post-graduation from the Kellogg School of Management, Nicole has worked diligently to bring her vision to life. Springrose officially launched its flagship product in the fall of 2023 and Nicole is excited to expand the adaptive product line in the near future.

A Student Story: Ana Cornell of Acorn Genetics

Ana Cornell shares her experience launching Acorn Genetics, a startup that builds autonomous, affordable, and private genetic sequencers. The idea - born in a Principles of Entrepreneurship course at The Farley Center and influenced by her father's diagnosis with a genetic disorder - led her to The Garage's Propel Program during her second year at Northwestern.

Ana is a recipient of the prestigious Thiel Fellowship which ultimately led to her decision to leave the University to pursue her startup full-time. However, she was eager to sit down with us and share how The Garage continues to support her endeavors!

A Student Story: Akshat Thirani of Amper Technologies

Akshat Thirani, coming off a successful $11 million Series A round, stopped by to recount his experience building Amper Technologies at The Garage and beyond!

A Student Story: Sarah Pinner of Beni

Sarah Pinner, Kellogg '22 shares her experience launching her startup, Beni, a browser extension that makes second-hand shopping seamless. During her time at The Garage, Sarah participated in the Jumpstart Pre-Accelerator Program and won second place + $3,000 at the end-of-program Demo Day. Sarah and her team also participated in the Residency program, finishing first in the Consumer Products & Services track and winning second place overall at the VentureCat 2022 Public Showcase, securing a $60,000 prize.

Since graduating from Northwestern, Sarah and the Beni Team have raised over $5 million in funding and currently have over 40 retail partners. Watch to learn more about Sarah's journey!