Student Stories

Learn more about the students who incubated their startups at The Garage - and what they're up to now!
A Student Story: Ana Cornell of Acorn Genetics

Ana Cornell shares her experience launching Acorn Genetics, a startup that builds autonomous, affordable, and private genetic sequencers. The idea - born in a Principles of Entrepreneurship course at The Farley Center and influenced by her father's diagnosis with a genetic disorder - led her to The Garage's Propel Program during her second year at Northwestern.

Ana is a recipient of the prestigious Thiel Fellowship which ultimately led to her decision to leave the University to pursue her startup full-time. However, she was eager to sit down with us and share how The Garage continues to support her endeavors!

A Student Story: Akshat Thirani of Amper Technologies

Akshat Thirani, coming off a successful $11 million Series A round, stopped by to recount his experience building Amper Technologies at The Garage and beyond!

A Student Story: Sarah Pinner of Beni

Sarah Pinner, Kellogg '22 shares her experience launching her startup, Beni, a browser extension that makes second-hand shopping seamless. During her time at The Garage, Sarah participated in the Jumpstart Pre-Accelerator Program and won second place + $3,000 at the end-of-program Demo Day. Sarah and her team also participated in the Residency program, finishing first in the Consumer Products & Services track and winning second place overall at the VentureCat 2022 Public Showcase, securing a $60,000 prize.

Since graduating from Northwestern, Sarah and the Beni Team have raised over $5 million in funding and currently have over 40 retail partners. Watch to learn more about Sarah's journey!