Family Dinner Speaker: Andy Mack, Founder & CEO, SnapMobile

Oct 19, 2016

Andy Mack has been exposed to the world of technology for his entire career. First working as an account executive for trade show programs at fortune 500 companies, he developed sales and marketing strategies and new technology initiatives. He later developed mobile business solutions at a mobile innovation development firm, which is where his idea for SnapMobile struck. Andy realized that the processes and strategies this company was using could be optimized to better suit the business needs of many smaller companies. He created SnapMobile, a company that builds mobile apps in 4 weeks for a flat fee. Using his knowledge from his previous firm, he was able to create a new framework that standardized the app-making process for businesses with time and budget constraints. While talking to students at Family Dinner on October 19th, he spoke passionately about the importance of collaboration, encouraging students to share ideas and not be secretive. This emphasis on teamwork has contributed to much of his success and has allowed him to build on ideas from previous jobs to create new companies and initiatives.

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