Entrepreneurship at Northwestern This Fall!

Sep 20, 2016
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Looking to learn more about entrepreneurship and innovation this fall? You’re in luck! Northwestern offers a variety of entrepreneurship classes across the schools. This post will give you a summary of all the courses offered this fall:Farley Classes

  • NUvention: MedicalA two-quarter interdisciplinary course designed to create opportunities for students to create new medical technologies and then build businesses around their innovations.
  • NUvention: TherapeuticsA pilot class that will focus on Lean Startup methodologies in the therapeutics industry.
  • NUvention: TransportationAn interdisciplinary, experiential course created in collaboration with the Transportation Center, designed to teach students about creating businesses in the transportation space.
  • NUvention: Advanced MaterialsA new partnership between the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and the International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN).
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship – ENTREP 325A core course for the Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship.
  • Special Topics In Entrepreneurship: Growing and Monetizing your Fanbase –ENTREP 395Are you a singer, actor, musician, comedian, writer, graphic artist, fashionista, or dancer that wants to promote your career? This course is designed to expose artists to the entrepreneurial thinking necessary to build careers and grow personal brands.

BIP Classes

  • BUS_INST 301 (formerly BUS_INST 260): Accounting
  • BUS_INST 302 (formerly BUS_INST 239): Marketing Management
  • BUS_INST 394 - Professional Linkage Seminar: Ethics and Leadership
  • BUS_INST 394 - Professional Linkage Seminar: Investment Banking
  • BUS_INST 394 - Professional Linkage Seminar: Non-Profit Management (campusCatalyst)

SoC Classes

  • Creativity and Innovation (Comm St.)
  • Power in Entertainment (Comm St)
  • Nonprofit Communication Management (Comm St)
  • Understanding Media Markets: Users, Makers and Metrics (Comm St.)

SESP Classes

  • SESP 303: Designing for Social Change

Kellogg Classes

  • KIEI-462 | New Venture DiscoveryStudents interested in pursuing entrepreneurial careers learn to navigate the earliest stages of starting a new venture, beginning with the identification of a market problem that is worth solving.
  • KIEI-903 | Corporate Innovation and New VenturesThis course addresses the emerging practice of "corporate entrepreneurship," or "intrapreneurship," the game-changing innovation generated by large, established corporations.
  • KIEI-924 | Introduction to Software DevelopmentThis course, now expanded to 10 weeks, targets non-programmers who will be founders of, employed in, or consultants to “tech-enabled” companies.
  • KIEI 942-5 | New Venture LaunchStudents whose tested business concepts offer compelling product-market fit fine-tune their business models, build out financial projections, look at funding options and prepare investor pitches.
  • KIEI-965 | Global Corporate GovernanceThis course examines actions that aren’t shareholder friendly against standards you should know when you become an officer or director of a U.S. or foreign company, or a consultant or financial advisor to such an entity.
  • KPPI-452 | Social Innovation: Designing for ChangeIn this experiential lab course, students explore - in class and through quarter-long consulting projects - innovation as a mechanism for social problem solving.
  • MKTG-961-5 | Entrepreneurial Tools for Digital MarketingThis hands-on, tactical class focuses on use of the Web/mobile channel within the framework of the customer relationship funnel.
  • MKTG-962-5 | Entrepreneurial Selling: Business to BusinessThis course uses a blend of frameworks, structured content and practical experience to delve into such topics as developing an impactful message for various targets, handling sales calls and navigating a deal to close.

Medill Classes

  • JOUR 301 & 390 / Media Innovation and Chicago’s Startup Scene.The students come from Medill and from the Segal Design Institute. This class is for students who will be part of the Bay Area Immersion Experience program in San Francisco during the winter quarter.

Bienen Classes

  • MUSIC 360 Career Innovation in Music and the Performing Arts
  • MUS TECH 259 Introduction to Music Technology
  • MUS TECH 300 Foundations of Music Technology for Music Majors
  • MUS COMP 339 Sound Installation Art

And, of course, make sure to continue your learning outside of the classroom as well… like… at The Garage! Learn more about our quarterly Residency Program, open events and workshops, or just stop by and see the space for yourself. The Garage is open to NU students 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

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