Family Dinner: Creating Community

Oct 25, 2016
Image of students eating during Family Dinner|Image of students eating during Family Dinner

The Garage is home to up to 60 student-founded startups per quarter, with Resident Teams working diligently to innovate and break ground on their big ideas--but sometimes, the sense of comradery and community can be dampened by lengthy strategic brainstorming sessions or total immersion into a project. That’s why this week’s Family Dinner included a social activity, encouraging The Garage’s Resident Teams to intermingle with one another, share ideas, and be reminded that everyone at The Garage shares the same passion for entrepreneurship.At last week’s Family Dinner, guest speaker Andy Mack, founder and CEO of SnapMobile, encouraged students at The Garage to collaborate and share ideas, rather than be protective or secretive and emphasized the importance of teamwork. During this week’s social activity, “Lost at Sea,” students were asked to prioritize 15 survival items in order of importance as an individual and again within a randomly selected team, demonstrating the value of working together while spotlighting group dynamics.

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