Family Dinner: Triggr Health

Nov 11, 2016
Image taken of Family Dinner

On Tuesday, November 8, The Garage welcomed John Haskell, Co-founder of Triggr Health: a platform that utilizes passive mobile monitoring technology alongside combined data analytics and machine learning to predictively intervene when a recovering addict is at risk of relapse. John lead a dynamic discussion in which he described his own personal inspiration for creating Triggr Health, and focused on the great importance of an entrepreneur’s connection with the problem they aim to solve with their idea.John detailed a point in his startup journey when he was presented with an important decision – to shift direction and change Triggr’s focus to a different problem, with the possibility of a great increase in profit, or to remain committed to solving the problem he is most passionate about: preventing and predicting relapses among addicts. John remained committed to Triggr Health’s original mission, and reminded students that if you don’t care about the problem, your company will eventually lose focus or fall apart.To learn more about John and Triggr Health, click here.

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