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Nov 19, 2020

Being a Northwestern student interested in entrepreneurship in the bustling city of Chicago is like sailing in a sea of opportunity, but often with no lighthouse to guide you. Where do I start? Who do I talk to? What if I don’t have an idea? Do I even have the time and budget to explore?

To further engage with and accommodate the vibrant entrepreneurial community of Northwestern students based in Chicago, The Garage opened The Garage at The Sardine Bar (TSB) in summer 2019. The Sardine Bar is in the heart of downtown at the historic 680 North Lakeshore Drive building, and was originally a jazz bar called The Gold Star Sardine Bar.  

As a satellite of The Garage, the goals of The Sardine Bar were to offer a physical space, resources, and mentorship. However, in the age of a global pandemic, we looked for new ways to engage with and grow our downtown community.

In the hopes of helping students, we’ve created a weekly newsletter to stay up to date on “everything startup” in Chicago while The Sardine Bar’s physical space remains closed to ensure the safety of our community. 

TSB Weekly features a curated list of (virtual) events from The Garage, 1871, MATTER, mHUB, The Hatchery, and other incubators in the area. It’s the one-stop-shop for any Chicago graduate student who is curious about startups and how to get involved. With everything being virtual these days, we know your inboxes are already more full and daunting than before— that’s why we have a special section to brighten your inbox as well. Be on the lookout for yummy recipes, thought-provoking reads, and goofy videos, because every entrepreneur needs a good break to recharge! 

TSB Weekly is written by Joo-Young Lee, a student at Feinberg who participated in programs at The Garage as an undergraduate student. She is also the Community Manager for The Sardine Bar, serving as a liaison and resource for students. She has experience at MATTER, Knight Lab, and the Segal Design Institute.

From Joo-Young: 

“I hope that this newsletter will be a stepping stone for you to explore Chicago’s entrepreneurial ecosystem - whether it’s getting more involved with an incubator that catches your eye, learning more about the best way to propel your business idea forward, or just reflecting on one sentence that you heard at a virtual event, no experience is too small. I’ve been in your shoes, and so have so many others in The Garage and The Sardine Bar communities. We’re always here to help you figure out which direction to go. So what are you waiting for? Set sail, and sign up!”

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