JupiterDX to receive a $500,000 investment from Drive Capital

Student startup incubating at The Garage at Northwestern announces investment from Columbus-based...
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Jan 10, 2023
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Student startup incubating at The Garage at Northwestern announces investment from Columbus-based venture capital firm  

CHICAGO, January 10, 2023: JupiterDX, co-founded by Alex Bahram, Weinberg '21-'22 and Mason Secky-Koebel, McCormick '22, announced today a $500,000 investment from Drive Capital to further their mission of helping patients with chronic illnesses manage their health data and care.

Established during the fall of 2021, the JupiterDX team was heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Patients struggling with chronic illnesses have to handle so much information from so many different places. The rise of post-viral illnesses such as Long COVID has made that need even more pressing. With JupiterDX, we are hoping to make that journey easier by creating one central location for all healthcare data, from doctor visits to smartwatch data, and drive more informed decisions from that data,” shared co-founder and CEO, Alex Bahram. 

Further information about JupiterDX:

  • JupiterDX will receive $500,000 in pre-seed funding to help build and scale its product offering.
  • JupiterDX is a member of MATTER, a leading healthcare startup “incubator and community nexus” based in Chicago.
  • JupiterDX will launch a beta version of its app in early February.
  • During their time at Northwestern University, JupiterDX participated in The Garage’s Residency program, Jumpstart, The Garage’s summer pre-accelerator program, and VentureCat 2022. 

Landon Campbell, the General Manager of Drive Capital’s Chicago Office, shared the following about the JupiterDX team: “I originally met Alex and Mason while judging a pitch competition at The Garage for Jumpstart. I was immediately impressed with their passion; unique past experiences; and most importantly their vision to help patients have better ownership over their healthcare data and care. Alex and Mason have what it takes to build a platform that changes lives.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Drive as we continue to build and scale our product offering. Their deep expertise in healthcare and technology will be invaluable in our pursuit to improve the lives of our customers,” said Alex Bahram.

About JupiterDX

JupiterDx is a health data aggregation and analytics startup that makes it easy for patients to view and share all of their health data, from EHRs to wearables to genomics. Leveraging patient access APIs that update this information automatically, patients can easily view and share their data with loved ones, care providers, and researchers, in full control of who sees what information. Patients and providers can use JupiterDX’s analytics toolkit to assess treatment options, track symptoms, and manage energy.

For additional information, visit jupiter-dx.com

For all inquiries, please email info@jupiter-dx.com

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