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Strengthening Bonds Through Shared Journeys
Aug 9, 2023
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Strengthening Bonds Through Shared Journeys

By: Dani Savin

In a world where relationships can often become entangled in the complexities of daily life, one young innovator, Ashley Guo, joined by Ryan Lee, sought to unravel the challenges and bring couples closer together. Enter RelationTrip, a visionary service that promises to transform the way couples experience and cherish their shared moments.

RelationTrip was born from a passion to make relationships less tumultuous. Drawing from personal experiences and a keen observation of the world around her, Ashley recognized the common struggle faced by couples in both saving and remembering the little moments that make a relationship special. She pondered over the question: could there be a way to keep those memories alive even when time passes by?

The core mission of RelationTrip is simple yet profound: to provide couples with a platform to document their journeys together. Through this, the service aims to safeguard cherished memories, allowing couples to relive those heartwarming moments even years in the future. The vision is grander – envisioning a couple emerging for the depths of busy lives and long distances, tightly connected and with relationships fortified by shared experiences.

At its heart, RelationTrip is a service that encourages couples to create a tangible representation of their love story. Unlike conventional journaling apps that may cater to larger audiences, RelationTrip remains intimate, exclusive to the two individuals who comprise the relationship. The journey is visually represented as a path, adorned with avatars of the couple, reminding them of their unique connection. One of the standout features of the app is the flexibility it offers in expression. Beyond text, couples can weave their narrative using various mediums, from heartwarming snippets to candid photographs that encapsulate their joy. The platform even welcomes doodles, turning masterpieces that reflect the essence of their relationship.

RelationTrip is not confined by age or stage of relationship. Its appeal transcends generations, encompassing everyone from adolescents discovering the world of relationships to seasoned adults seeking to keep their love aflame; it’s a testimony to the service’s universal ability to resonate with anyone who seeks to invest in their relationship.

When asked about her motivation for joining Jumpstart, Ashley candidly shared,“As a rising sophomore with limited experience, I am approaching the program with a thirst for knowledge. My willingness to learn and readiness to embrace failure, if necessary, underscores my dedication to turning RelationTrip into reality and Jumpstart is the best place I can do this.”

RelationTrip stands as a beacon of hope in the world of relationships, offering couples a unique avenue to strengthen their bonds. It’s not just a service; it’s a journey, a collaborative narrative that two individuals craft together, creating a lasting testament to their love and devotion. In a world where time often threatens to erode the memories that matter most, RelationTrip is a digital sanctuary where love stories thrive and endure.

Interested in learning more about RelationTrip? Check out the prototype.

Dani is an incoming freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying Journalism and RTVF at the The College of Letters and Sciences. Dani joined the team at The Garage to help facilitate the 2023 Jumpstart Pre-Accelerator summer program, working as a key pillar of the community to assist in daily operations and event execution, curate content for digital, print, and video publication, and strengthen community bonds.

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