SPLIT Team Spotlight: Jumpstart 2023

Revolutionizing Student Transportation with Unparalleled Efficiency and Dynamic Connectivity
Jul 12, 2023

Revolutionizing Student Transportation with Unparalleled Efficiency and Dynamic Connectivity

By: Danielle Savin

Navigating transportation challenges can be a perplexing ordeal for university students, particularly when it involves traveling to and from airports. However, SPLIT, a startup working out of The Garage as a part of the Jumpstart program, has emerged as a dynamic solution to address this complex issue and provide an unmatched transportation experience for students. Let's delve into SPLIT's mission, distinctive value proposition, and the transformative impact it is creating on campuses nationwide.

Amidst the labyrinth of obstacles surrounding affordable student transportation, SPLIT was conceived by Grayson Donnelly and Zach Delson during their sophomore year at Northwestern University. Rooted in the pursuit of making student transportation accessible, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, SPLIT sets out to revolutionize the way students travel to and from college campuses.

“I applied for Jumpstart because I knew I wanted to work on SPLIT and having the opportunity and funding to work full-time would allow us to make a lot of progress. Additionally, the programming and connections I have made through Jumpstart are invaluable. By the end of the summer we will be done with the 2nd iteration of our product and have the infrastructure and data to start expanding to other colleges,” shared Donnelley.

SPLIT's mission is multifaceted, centering around empowering the student community in profound ways. The primary goals include facilitating economical rides, curbing environmental impact through ridesharing, and nurturing meaningful social bonds within the student ecosystem. By harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technology and an ecosystem of collaboration, SPLIT aims to provide an affordable, sustainable, and socially enriching alternative to conventional transportation options. At the heart of SPLIT's innovation lies the ability to establish instantaneous connections between university students in need of airport transportation. However, what truly sets it apart is its capacity to compare fares across multiple taxi services, ensuring students secure the most competitive prices for their rides. This unique feature not only empowers students to save money but also instills confidence by guaranteeing the best available deals.

Unlike mere facilitators of ride matches, SPLIT redefines the transportation experience through its seamless operations. Students simply need to fill out a form, indicating their preferences, and SPLIT takes charge of the entire process. By proactively engaging with Uber on behalf of the students, SPLIT eliminates the need for individuals to navigate the intricacies of ride booking independently. This distinctive hands-on approach enhances convenience, streamlines the transportation journey, and removes unnecessary complexities.

Beyond providing transportation solutions, SPLIT embraces its role as a catalyst for student interconnections. By encouraging shared rides, the platform enables students to forge meaningful bonds with their peers during their transit. This emphasis on community-building not only enhances the overall student experience but also cultivates a sense of unity and camaraderie on campus.

SPLIT stands as an epitome of transformative student transportation, unlocking a realm of unmatched efficiency and dynamic connectivity. With its unwavering commitment to maximizing savings, minimizing emissions, and fostering meaningful interconnections, SPLIT is reshaping the transportation landscape on campuses across the country. By harnessing the power of technology and redefining the notion of seamlessness, SPLIT empowers students to navigate transportation challenges with ease, affordability, and a strong sense of community. As SPLIT continues to expand its services and forge strategic partnerships with universities, it paves the way for an era of unparalleled transportation experiences, leaving a lasting imprint on the student journey.

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Dani is an incoming freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying Journalism and RTVF at the The College of Letters and Sciences. Dani joined the team at The Garage to help facilitate the 2023 Jumpstart Pre-Accelerator summer program, working as a key pillar of the community to assist in daily operations and event execution, curate content for digital, print, and video publication, and strengthen community bonds.

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