The Garage Gift Guide 2023

The Garage’s annual Gift Guide is back again this year featuring ten new and exciting products!
Carly Kramer
Nov 30, 2023
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Have you been searching for a completely unique item to gift your loved ones this holiday season? Look no further - The Garage’s annual Gift Guide is back again this year featuring ten new and exciting products created by students and alumni of The Garage at Northwestern!

From a sustainable wheat-based drinking straw to an intergalactic video game for musicians, this guide offers an option for everyone's tastes and preferences - even a product from our very own Executive Director made the list! Without further ado, here are our picks for the 2023 edition of The Garage’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Envo for the sustainable shopper

Sick of paper straws disintegrating in your drink? Check out the Envo alternative: wheat-based drinking straws! Founded by Zahra Hussain, Weinberg ‘25, Envo creates innovative solutions for single-use plastic products. The first of which comes in the form of a straw created by wheat stems, typically discarded as agricultural waste, into sturdy and eco-friendly drinking straws.

Shrink your carbon footprint in 2024 by ordering Envo straws here.

Le Alfré for your fashion-forward family & friends

If you’re in the market for smart, sophisticated menswear, look no further than Le Alfré. Founded by Brandon Snower, SESP ‘19, Le Alfré leans on traditional craftsmanship with innovative design and a playful attitude. Available online and in person at the Le Alfré showroom in NYC, you are sure to find a timeless, yet unique, piece that will last a lifetime.

Our recommendation? Check out the Alfré Fleece Vest - sourced from local fabric mills & factories in Portugal.

TegoTech for the new parent

Did you know that in-home accidents account for nearly 70% of childhood deaths by electrocution annually? For any new parent browsing this gift guide, TegoTech’s patent-pending magnetic outlet plug should be #1 on your list!

TegoTech, founded by Chirag Goel, Weinberg '21 & Feinberg ‘25, keeps little fingers safe by preventing accidental insertion of foreign objects into the socket. Here’s how it works: the magnetic outlet plug is easily installed into existing outlets, and is only removable with the use of a strong magnet which prevents children from tampering with the electrical sockets.

Keep your family safe this holiday season and order TegoTech here.

Overture Games for the musician in your life

From amateur to expert, anyone who has played an instrument knows just how tough it can be to practice for hours on end. Enter Overture Games - a video game company whose mission is to help musicians find excitement in the every-day practice session!

Founded by Aspen Buckingham, Weinberg & Bienen ‘23 and Steven Jiang, Weinberg ‘24, Overture Games recently released their first game, Intervallic: an audio-responsive video game that gives real-time feedback. Use a microphone, MIDI instrument, or computer keyboard to control a flying robot space cat around the planet of Audius!

Intervallic is available for purchase here.

Give the gift of health & wellness this holiday season with Pathize

Co-founded by Alums of The Garage, Alex Bahram, and Mason Secky-Koebel, McCormick ‘21, Pathize is an activity tracking platform built specifically for patients with complex chronic conditions. If you or someone you love has been struggling with managing long COVID, ME/CFS, & POTS symptoms, consider downloading Pathize to help you make informed decisions and take control of your health this year.

Download Pathize on the App Store here.

Springrose for those seeking accessible intimate apparel

Founded by Nicole Cuervo, Kellogg & McCormick ‘22, Springrose is an adaptive intimate apparel brand best known for its Plunge Front Closure Bra. Whether you’re lying down, sitting up, or standing, there are multiple ways to slip into the bra itself - by stepping in, lifting overhead, or single-handed. Unique features include its velcro securing strap, front-adjusting shoulder straps, and optional o-rings for added convenience.

Shop the Plunge Front Closure Bra at 20% off using code COMFORT20 here.

Download the Olympus app for your New Year’s Resolution

If hitting the gym is high on your to-do list this new year, be sure to check out Olympus to help you reach your fitness goals! Founded by Scott Tsangeos, Kellogg ‘24, Olympus is a mobile platform that empowers gym-goers to track, analyze, and share workouts - so you can focus on lifting, not logging.

Sign up for early access to the Olympus app here.

Zuri Fertility for those looking to grow their family

If you or someone you love has struggled to get pregnant, you know just how hard the holiday season can be. Infertility was something that co-founder, Blair Matthews, ‘22 JD, was intimately familiar with before joining classmate Giuliana Zaccardelli, ‘22 MD, MBA, in their pursuit to simplify the most difficult parts of the fertility treatment process so that everyone can focus on what matters most – making a family.

Zuri Fertility is a patient-centered, hassle-free, digital fertility clinic that fits your lifestyle - saving you time and money while supporting your journey. By providing relevant resources and a comprehensive timeline, the platform helps couples manage their fertility process - tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Download Zuri on the App Store here.

Boardible for the old-fashioned gamer

From classics like Yatzy and Rummy, to new and innovative mobile games like Koi Koi, your entire family can find something they love to play on Boardible. Founded by Gabriela Fusco Mendes, Kellogg ‘24, Boardible is a digital board game platform that offers an immersive gameplay experience for players - without the need for a console or board.

Subscribers get access to a board game library that comes with an immersive and accessible TV-mobile experience, making this the perfect family gift this holiday season!

Download Boardible on the App Store and Google Play here.

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