The Garage Goes to RXBAR

Mar 4, 2019

On Wednesday February 27th - members of The Garage were welcomed into the corporate headquarters of RXBAR.RXBAR is known for its health-conscious and tasty offerings of protein bars. Originally designed to give avid crossfit athletes that extra protein boost after a workout, the company’s co-founder Peter Rahal and his team have taken the country by storm! And has even begun distributing the product lifecycle in the United Kingdom. Upon entering the facility, one might not realize the work that goes on behind closed doors. The glass building in downtown Chicago houses not only the company’s corporate offices, but the official taste and development lab. A rather small lobby welcomes visitors, along with a sign featuring the name of the enterprise, RXBAR. We were led to the third floor and greeted by members of the RXBAR team for what would be a one hour long, round table style discussion. Our visit was led by RX’s Vice President of Design and Organizational Fitness, Jonathan Matta. Over the next hour, Jonathan talked us through the defining moments of the development of RXBAR, as well as the pivotal focus the company maintains in supporting its corporate culture.He highlighted the organization’s mission to drive substantial change within the industry and emphasized the founder’s efforts to protect their culture and identity, even following a multi-million dollar buyout by Kellogg.Jonathan spoke highly of RX’s mission to empower its people to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, highlighting that the complex problems they are faced with require creativity to come to substantial solutions. This was piggy-backed with a discussion regarding innovation, more perhaps on the scarify of it. He went on to highlight RX’s mission to change that, saying that good entrepreneurs sell great products, and build great teams. Those at RXBAR believe they are doing just that, and in return, promoting innovation. Based on our taste test… we’d like to agree! Thanks for having us RXBAR! Keep your eye and ears peeled for potential day-treks next quarter! Good luck on finals, Wildcats!

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