The Residency Program

For the truly committed entrepreneurs looking to grow their ideas as a part of The Garage community.

The Residency program is an opportunity for student teams, both undergraduate and graduate, to be core members of The Garage’s entrepreneurial community. Resident teams use The Garage as their office and receive special privileges like 24/7 access, a weekly Family Dinner and priority for Office Hours with mentors and staff.

Ideas can be for profit or nonprofit, hardware or software, commercial products or artistic endeavors—anything that requires bringing a new idea to fruition. Resident teams are selected on a quarterly basis. To qualify for Residency, the team lead must have spent at least one quarter working on the current venture in the Tinker or Residency program, and have at least two team members. Also, any team with new leaders must spend at least a quarter in the Tinker program.

The Benefits

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24/7 Access

Selected Residents get 24/7 access to The Garage, a dedicated desk, and access to reservable meeting rooms.

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Family Dinner

Residents get an exclusive invite to our weekly Family Dinner, where we hear from a startup superstar.

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Resident teams are assigned a dedicated mentor in their industry, to help them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Resident Teams

Spring 2024 Cohort

AI Teams

AI Teams provides a multimodal wearable and AI platform for team building dynamics among youth sports programs.


Allura is an innovative social media platform that merges the intuition of a personal stylist with the efficiency of a search engine, harnessing influencer expertise to offer consumers a tailored and inspiring fashion shopping experience.

Alpime Health

Alpime Health offers a reliable, secure, and efficient electronic medical record system starting in Côte d’Ivoire and expanding to neighboring West African countries.

Aulive and Onion Studio

Aulive and Onion Studio is an innovative video game studio that uses emerging technologies to tell timeless stories.


Borrough is a rental marketplace for household items in large apartment buildings.


BreadUp is a platform that facilitates fundraiser events between student organizations and local restaurants, connecting both parties and providing essential infrastructure.


Cogno is an AI assistant customized for seamless global e-commerce.


Convident is an AI-powered language learning app that aims to advance intermediate speakers' language proficiency through personalized learning milestones, a curated selection of resources, and an emphasis on meaningful conversations and cultural understanding.

Daily Dojo

Daily Dojo is an online personalized fitness accountability platform.


Desperado is a western-inspired apparel brand, solving the problem that it is difficult to find apparel that is fashionable, accessible and authentic to the Great American West.


Explorate is a platform that makes intl. volunteering more accessible by bridging those passionate about social & environmental justice with an NGO volunteering opportunity that resonates with them.

Fable Mason Studios

Fable Mason Studios is a multimedia production group that optimizes and streamlines the use of our various departments, talent, and resources to make the best projects possible.


Glucolyzer is a biotech start-up reimagining health by creating noninvasive-glucose monitoring systems.


Hapt-E is building the next generation of advanced haptic gloves to revolutionize the world of communication.


For Japanese-speaking English learners, InstaEnglish is an iOS app that helps turn English you know (passive vocabulary) into English you can immediately use (active vocabulary) through iterative instant English composition practices and customized feedback powered by large language models.


JusticeArch streamlines the attorney search while experimenting with automated alternatives to traditional legal services.


Juxta is a healthcare logistics platform that uses AI and machine learning to optimize intra-hospital patient transport, generating millions more in annual revenue for health ecosystems.

Kiki's Krack LLC

Kiki's Krack LLC is a luxury candy company specializing in a honeycomb and chocolate bars.

Kitchen Kapital

Kitchen Kapital helps lenders give a loan to small foodservice owners confidently by providing a holistic picture of small foodservice.


Kosisonic's vision is to provide solutions to make hearing easier for different people in different environments.


Leva is a customized mentorship software and service designed to empower women in the workplace and enable strong retention.


LITTERBOX IS WHERE WILDCATS STORE THEIR SH*T! Summer storage made for Northwestern students — by Northwestern students.


Local is an innovative AI-powered app designed to revolutionize urban exploration by providing users with personalized recommendations, connecting them to hidden gems, and enhancing their city experiences.


MediFlow is a healthcare platform for rural hospitals to automate manual back-office processes.


Mentr democratizes job recruitment by linking ambitious students with accomplished peer mentors at top firms.

Nesian News

Nesian News connects Islanders across the world through media.


nLab, an affordable electronics lab that's easy to use, fits in your pocket, and comes with all the components and video tutorials you need to successfully learn, build, and contribute to the growing technology of our world.


OLYMPUS helps coaches and athletes track, analyze, and share their strength-based workouts


Orthobot is a sports and emergency medicine triage bot meant for athletes, physical therapists, physicians, and more.

Overture Games

Overture Games makes video games for musicians.


Oyster is revolutionizing urban living with effortless, on-demand product rentals. Enjoy transparent pricing, speedy delivery, and easy app usage. Renting, simplified!

Project MED

Project MED is a non-profit with a mission to diversify medicine through educating and preparing high school students for careers in healthcare.


ReCat is for couples who want to grow a deeper connection, our product is a relationship app that provides a fun and heartfelt way to express & store feelings of appreciation for your partner.

Remory Collective

Remory Collective is reimagining online memorials through the intersection of grief counseling and art therapy, in order to strengthen community around those who have passed and build community among those suffering from loss.


Roete uses AI to create and automate actionable sustainability initiatives for business leaders to deploy faster than they could before.


Roombee is your go-to-app for facilitating roommate communication efficiently and effectively through sleep status toggles, a synced schedule for room requests, and roommate reminders.


Rornament revolutionizes holiday decor by creating customizable, high-quality ornaments from recycled plastic, promoting a sustainable festive season.


Locago [Low-CAH-go] is a marketplace for shopping local, independently owned stores and boutiques. After a single integration with a retail Point-of-Sale, we hope to showcase to consumers inventory from local stores near them, solving the digital discovery gap with shopping small.

Setora Labs

Setora Labs Builds Modular Layer-2 Blockchain built on Real-World Assets.


Simpli-Sci is a research publication that works to break down barriers that prevent some from understanding scientific discovery and ongoing studies in STEM fields, by using a non-traditional approach to present research.


Skuy is a community-driven events and discussion platform.


Soul is a proprietary protocol securing and optimizing applications lacking official real human identity verification.


SPLIT matches and coordinates rides for people traveling the same route at the same time.

Square One

Square One is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to promote children’s health and wellness through an equitable and accessible health curriculum based on principles of problem-based learning.


SteadyScrib invented the first writing utensil specifically designed for those with Parkinson’s.

Stella's Imagination

Stella's Imagination is a thriving sewing business specializing in handmade plushies since 2015, dedicated to delivering high-quality craftsmanship with a keen attention to detail with shipping worldwide.


TailorTalk is an AI startup focused on developing Companion AI to fulfill friendship-like needs, bringing a customized user experience to Generative AI.


TegoTech is revolutionizing safety and accessibility with our game-changing magnetic wall outlet technology. provides automated risk management for crypto investments.


WhenWeEat is a mobile application streamlining the process of users finding a common date, time, & location to share a meal on campus.