Office Hours

Office Hours are a great way for Northwestern students to learn more about The Garage or get help with an entrepreneurial venture – or both!

Members of our community are available to provide guidance on a wide array of topics. Read on to determine which expert is the best fit for you at this juncture. Due to the high demand for Office Hours, please note that these meetings may not be used for class interviews.

The Garage Staff

Open to Residents and Tinkerers of The Garage only.

Mike Raab
Executive Director

Topics: Meet for general questions or information about The Garage and our programs.

Brylan Donaldson
Associate Director

Topics: Meet for general questions or information about The Garage and our programs.

Keyaira Lock Adewunmi
Director of Entrepreneurship
The Garage San Francisco

Topics: Meet for general questions about alumni support & networking, or information about The Garage SF.

Elisa Mitchell
Assistant Director of Operations & Finance

Topics: Meet for questions related to awards from The Garage or general information about The Garage.

Sarah Stein
Project Administrator

Topics: Meet for questions about VentureCat.

Jake Juracka
Technology Manager

Topics: Meet for questions and/or training on the equipment in the Makerspace & AR/VR Media Lab.

Carly Kramer
Marketing & Community Manager

Topics: Meet for advice on marketing and social media campaigns, as well as questions about Public Relations strategies.

Jennifer Tackett, Ph.D.

Topics: Meet with Jennifer for 1-1 leadership coaching.

Industry Experts

Open to Residents and Tinkerers of The Garage only.

General Legal with the DPELC

April 3, 2:00pm-4:00pm(virtual)

International Founders  with Beata Leja

May 8, 1:00pm-5:00pm(virtual)

IP & Corporate Legal with Scott Schonfeld & Steve Reynolds

May 15, 2:00pm-4:00pm (virtual)

Founders in Residence

Founders in Residence are experienced alumni or former students working on their ventures full-time and using The Garage as their office.

Ana Cornell
Founder + CEO at Acorn Genetics

Ana is the CEO and Co-Founder of Acorn Genetics, the first at-home DNA testing company. At Northwestern, she studied biomedical engineering, and has experience building user interfaces for apps, nanotech and hardware, and a deep understanding of genetics and xgenetic technology. While at Acorn, she has raised $1M+, recruited and currently manages 15 undergrads, graduates, and full time employees, and participated in a number of programs including Jumpstart, the national NSF I-Corps, and Propel.

Chirag Goel, Weinberg '21
Founder + CEO at TegoTech

Chirag is the Founder and CEO of TegoTech, a company creating first-to-market, patent-pending magnetic wall outlet technology with safety, accessibility, and convenience at the forefront. During undergrad, Chirag began TegoTech, which evolved into a Resident team at The Garage and quickly expanded to include approximately 20 undergraduate and graduate students. Recently, the team secured 2nd place in the Social Impact Track during VentureCat 2023. Aside from his entrepreneurial endeavors, Chirag has pursued opportunities in healthcare consulting, as well as medical device/diagnostics venture capital. Above all, Chirag remains inspired by entrepreneurship’s ability to create scalable and meaningful impacts for society.

Casey (Grage) Qadir, Feinberg '19
Founder + CEO at Hubly Surgical

With her background in neuroscience and software, Casey Grage founded Hubly Surgical. Through NUvention Medical and the Garage, Grage worked with neurosurgeons at Northwestern Hospital to co-invent, design, prototype, build, and patent their 510(k)-pending advanced intracranial Hubly Drill with autostop for safely drilling holes through the skull without damaging underlying tissue. In five years of being founder/CEO, Casey Grage has won top prizes at over 10 international pitch competitions winning over $300,000 in non-dilutive awards, secured several hospital partners, filed three patents (all of which she is a listed inventor), hired a full-time team, and raised $2M investment to bring the Hubly Drill from ideation to launch.

Alex Bahram
Co-Founder + CEO at Pathize Health

Alex Bahram is the co-founder and CEO of Pathize, a health data aggregation and analytics startup that helps patients with chronic illnesses manage their care. Prior to his work at Pathize, Alex was an operations analyst at SummerBio, a COVID testing automation startup where he managed the company’s hardware supply chain. While at Northwestern Alex studied economics and was a resident at the Garage. He also participated in Jumpstart, The Garage’s summer pre-accelerator.

Charlotte Oxnam, McCormick '23
Founder + CEO at Cue the Curves

Charlotte Oxnam (McCormick '23) is the founder and CEO of Cue the Curves, a social shopping app for plus-size fashion. Charlotte paired her Industrial Engineering degree with her passion for creating a more positive fashion industry and began building the platform at age 18. She has since been featured on international TV and has won numerous awards including Forbes 30 under 30 Chicago.

Aspen Buckingham, Bienen & Weinberg '23
Co-Founder + CEO at Overture Games

Aspen Buckingham (Bienen ‘23) is the co-founder and CEO of Overture Games. Overture develops audio-responsive video games that get music students excited to pick up their instrument every day. Aspen has been composing music and developing games for 13 years and at Northwestern followed his passions with degrees in music and computer science. He has since joined the Techstars accelerator and won multiple awards including Forbes 30 under 30 Chicago


Not sure where to begin? Curious about programs at The Garage? Want to brainstorm an idea? Chatting 1-1 with a peer is the perfect place to start.

Alexis Chan, McCormick '24
Co-Founder at SteadyScrib

Alexis is a senior studying Biomedical Engineering and the cofounder of SteadyScrib. SteadyScrib is a startup where they are creating a pen for people with Parkinson's disease. They have garnered support from five prominent medical institutions and have been featured on many news outlets including NBC5, FOX32, WebMD, and Parkinson's News Today. Alexis has learned many technical skills from working in the Garage maker space and is happy and excited to talk about her experiences, give advice, or hear about your idea!

Noah Edelman, Weinberg '25
Co-Founder at The Neuron

Noah is a junior majoring in Psychology and Entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder of The Neuron, an AI media startup that educates over 130,000 professionals on how to use AI. Noah has participated in the Residency and Little Joe Ventures (LJV) programs as part of The Garage, and recently advanced to the finals of the VentureCat competition. He is enthusiastic about helping students launch their startups and find their footing in The Garage.

Lauren Huttner,  Medill '24
Founder at Pebble Community Labs

Lauren Huttner is a senior at Northwestern studying journalism and history. She is a Little Joe Venture Fellow and partner at Dorm Room Fund. She is the founder of Pebble Community Labs, an agency that helps creators and brands strategically engage their audience and build community. Her past clients include The Wave House, Markian Benhamou, Retreat and Chestr. Prior to starting Pebble, Lauren was the VP of Community at Authentic Media Ascension, a Youtube data analytics firm acquired by Jellysmack. Lauren continues to play a role in shaping conversations around influencer strategy and audience engagement.

Ashley Guo, SESP '26
Co-Founder at RelationTrip

Ashley is a sophomore studying Cognitive Science and Learning Science, with the Segal Design Certificate. She is the co-founder of RelationTrip, where we help people make memories and grow relationships. Ashley has participated in X-Factor, Jumpstart, and Residency in The Garage. She knows the pains of starting from scratch, and is happy to talk about learning, life, and share the mistakes she's made in her journey. She's all ears during her office hours – reach out anytime!

Kevin Kaspar, McCormick '24
Co-Founder + CEO at InfernoGuard

Kevin is a senior studying Manufacturing and Design Engineering (MaDE) and entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder of InfernoGuard, a startup that provides wildfire monitoring and detection services to large-scale landowners. InfernoGuard recently won the 2022 Northwestern VentureCat competition and has received over $425,000 in non-dilutive funding to date. He is eager to help all students swiftly integrate into The Garage community.

Zoe Lewis, SESP '25
Founder + CEO at PETAL Solutions

Zoe is a junior majoring in Social Policy with a personal focus on social impact-based entrepreneurship. She is the Founder and CEO of PETAL Solutions, which prioritizes equitable, transformative, and active learning solutions. She has participated in Propel, Residency, X-Factor, and Jumpstart through The Garage and has separately held numerous peer leader-style positions. She would love to talk about how to center your values with those of your company and much more!

Eagan Notokusumo, McCormick '25
Co-Founder + CTO at Roete

Eagan is a junior from Indonesia pursuing a BS/MS in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science, and is invested in technologies that enable digital transformation. He is currently the co-founder and CTO of Roete - a data solutions startup that helps companies maximize brand equity through actionable and sustainable insights. Eagan has participated in the Residency and Jumpstart programs at the Garage, and is happy to help students and especially international founders build the knowledge bases and communities that will help them in their own ventures.

Mckenna Troy, Bienen '24
Founder at Bare Mountain Tea & Rooted Voice Studio

McKenna is a senior studying Voice & Opera Performance and Entrepreneurial Marketing & Design (an adhoc major she created). She founded Bare Mountain Tea at The Garage in 2020 and has since led the company from a physical product to an educational based model - working with Northwestern Mini Courses, Dillo Day and Northwestern Dining to build community through tea centered workshops and tastings. McKenna is also the founder of Rooted Voice Studio, a program she’s designed to center joy, community, and service in voice education for all ages. She has traveled Europe and the United States performing as an opera and concert singer, and works freelance in the Chicago area. At The Garage, McKenna has participated in the Propel and Residency programs and is a Little Joe Ventures Fellow.

Scott Tsangeos, Kellogg '24
Founder + CEO at OLYMPUS

Scott is the founder and CEO of Olympus, a mobile app designed to provide weightlifters with the accountability, motivation, and community they need to achieve their fitness goals. Since launching a beta test as part of the Jumpstart 2023 cohort, Olympus has empowered over 50 weightlifters to log over 400 workouts and lift over 8M lbs of weight. As a 2nd year dual-masters student in Kellogg and McCormick in the MMM program, he continues to put design thinking and empathy at the core of building Olympus and his team. Scott is excited to chat with other student founders about opportunity validation, product development, and team building.


Alumni of The Garage have gone on to do incredible things. Learn more about their journeys, and gain valuable insight from their experiences.
Open to all Northwestern Students.

Mateo Price, Weinberg '21
Founder + CEO at AMA

Mateo studied Psychology and Economics at NU and is passionate about brands, social media, and building digital communities. He’s the founder of Authentic Media Ascension (AMA), which is a creator growth studio helping brands & creators better engage their audiences through data. The business started with a cold email to his favorite YouTuber and has since grown to creating $5M in incremental revenue for their partners.

Lilliana Robinson, McCormick '21
Investment Manager at Techstars Chicago

Lilliana was a Computer Science and Entrepreneurship student, an LJV Fellow, and has won competitions such as ImproveNU and Stanford’s Hackathon. She loves helping ventures succeed and mentoring students to find their passions. For the past two years, Lilliana has worked in venture capital at Techstars Chicago, a startup accelerator.

Raman Malik, Kellogg '22
Co-Founder + CEO at Rhetoric

Raman is a graduate student at the Kellogg School of Management and the McCormick School of Engineering. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Rhetoric – a presentation feedback platform.  Prior to Northwestern, Raman spent six years in data science, the majority on the growth team at Lyft as a Data Science Manager. He is passionate about building products to help founders grow and advance their careers.

Yasmeena Faycurry, Weinberg '22
Associate at 645 Ventures + Founder at Unfound

Yasmeena is an associate at 645 Ventures specializing in all things consumer and sustainability. Outside of VC, Yasmeena has been growing her startup Unfound – the app community where people share and discover local gems (think antithesis of Yelp). At Northwestern, Yasmeena studied economics, marketing, & entrepreneurship and participated in Propel and Jumpstart.

Ibraheem Alinur, McCormick '20
Vice President at 2Flo Ventures +
Founder at City Health Tech

Ibraheem is a Gates Scholar and graduated from Northwestern with a degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship and the Segal Design Certificate in 2020. He founded 3 companies at The Garage and participated in Jumpstart and X-Factor. He currently leads an innovation lab commercializing research in healthcare and life sciences and serves on the Farley Center Advisory Board. He is also the Founder of City Health Tech, a smart city startup that was incubated and developed at the Garage.

Sarah Ahmad, McCormick '18
CEO & Co-Founder at Stable

Sarah is the co-founder and CEO of Stable (YC W20) – a virtual address and mailroom for startups. Previously, she was a UX Engineer at LifeLink. During her time at Northwestern, she co-founded HotPlate, a food app to help diners find the best dishes at local restaurants. She graduated from Northwestern in 2018 with a B.S. in Integrated Engineering Studies and a double major in Economics.

Spencer Levitt, Weinberg '21
Co-Founder at Coast

Spencer was a Computer Science student from Baltimore, MD. He previously interned at Under Armour HQ and worked as a web developer at an EdTech startup. Most recently, he co-founded Buffd (previously Qade), a platform that provides automated stats and performance reports for gamers, winning grand prizes at VentureCat and Jumpstart.

Arshya Srinivas, McCormick '21
Senior Supply Chain Analyst at Walgreens

Arshya graduated from Northwestern with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and a certificate from Kellogg. During her time at Northwestern, she co-founded a startup, participated in the Propel program, mentored student entrepreneurs, and was involved in multiple pitch competitions. Currently, she is a Senior Supply Chain Analyst at Walgreens, where she uses her data analytics skills to root cause problems and pitch solutions to stakeholders daily.

Rachel Cantor, SoC '20
Product Marketing at Origin

Rachel runs brand strategy and content marketing at Tydo. Prior to joining Tydo, she was a writer at Morning Brew. Rachel is also a cofounder of Oddly Specific, a NYC-based event series helping people connect in oddly specific ways. At NU, Rachel was part of the first cohort of Little Joe Venture Fellows and was one of the Exec Co-Chairs of NUDM. She graduated in 2020 with a B.S. in Communication Studies, a minor in French, and certificates in IMC and Entrepreneurship.