TGSF Celebrates Black History Month & Black Innovation in the Bay Area

Event Recaps
Keyaira Lock Adewunmi
Feb 24, 2024
TGSF event!

As the evening sky transformed to shades of deep blue over Oakland, the vibrant buzz of excited conversation and laughter spilled out from the illustrious Sobre Mesa. On the evening of 15th of February during Black History Month, The Garage San Francisco (TGSF) hosted a "Black in Innovation" Mixer, bringing together an intimate celebration of Northwestern’s Black alumni, their achievements, and their ongoing contributions to the realms of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The evening was curated to perfection, resonating with the cultural richness and culinary innovation of the Black owned, Afro-Latino kitchen by Top Chef Season 18 Alumni Chef Nelson German. The cuisine transcended mere sustenance; it was a journey through heritage and flavor. From the crisp crunch of Tostones to the savory bites of Steak "Suya" Empanadas, each dish was a story unto itself, and spoke of tradition and innovation — themes that echoed the very essence of the night's conversations.

Our gathering was an intimate affair, comprising 15 alumni trailblazers who represent the evolving face of innovation in the Bay Area, designed to foster connection, conversation, and community. As glasses clinked and Dominican delicacies were savored, the room was alight with deep dives into the challenges and triumphs of carving out our respectives paths in industries that have not always been welcoming or accessible. Alumni from various classes, ranging from Kellogg class of '97 and Weinberg class of ‘20, drew parallels, shared insights, and exchanged networks, fostering a space where every attendee could be seen, heard, and valued.

In the spirit of Sobre Mesa, which translates to "over the table” where meaningful conversations begin, our evening concluded with with a toast, compliments of Chef Nelson’s personal collection, championing our collective pursuits to a more inclusive future where #BlackExcellence is not only recognized but is also fundamental in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape. Many lingered, not wanting to end the enriching exchanges that had been sparked; however, this event was not an end but a continuation of a dialogue that TGSF is committed to nurturing.

Here's to many more gatherings where we can celebrate our community’s achievements, forge new paths, and remember that in the rich tapestry of innovation, every thread counts!

Enjoy a behind the scenes look at the event below!

About the Author

Keyaira is a human-centric community builder who is eager to expand Northwestern's enterprising community nationally and internationally, starting with the Bay Area as the Director of Entrepreneurship at The Garage San Francisco.